The air was tense last night in Milwaukee, following the first 2024 Republican presidential debate that set the tone for a fiery race between GOP presidential candidates that is likely to heat up from here. While there were stand-out performances and memorable one-liners from many on the stage, particularly from some who had fallen behind in the polls like former Vice President Mike Pence and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, there were also candidates with a lot to prove that left voters unimpressed. To break it all down, Fox News Audio Political Anchor Jared Halpern and Fox News Radio Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar join live from Milwaukee to discuss who fought the hardest to be heard, which candidates faced the harshest backlash, and how big of an impact this debate could have on the election.

Policies regarding students’ gender identities are a main focus this back-to-school season in New Jersey, as several districts are trying to enact new mandates requiring teachers and staff to notify parents if their child wishes to change their gender identity, pronouns, or use different bathrooms. On Friday, a New Jersey judge temporarily blocked this rule, saying it would violate discrimination laws and hurt transgender students. Some parents in the Garden State, on the other hand, are pushing for this policy to become the norm, arguing it violates parental rights. Attorney and legal analyst Mercedes Colwin joins the Rundown to break down why parents feel this violates the 14th Amendment and why this case has the power to reach the Supreme Court.

Plus, commentary by Jimmy Failla, host of “Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla.”