The focus may be on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in Wednesday’s GOP primary debate in Milwaukee. Former President Trump has announced his intention to not appear at any of the primary debates, despite being the frontrunner in the Republican primary race. DeSantis recently came under media fire for calling MAGA lawmakers, “listless vessels.” While this line drew criticism, DeSantis is resonating with voters on the campaign trail, with a recent Des Moines Register poll showing him with the highest favorability of any candidate. DeSantis 2024 National Spokeswoman Carly Atchison joins the Rundown to explain Governor DeSantis’ plan as he heads into FOX’s debate night, why the campaign believes it is a two-man race between DeSantis and Donald Trump, and what DeSantis would do for Americans on day one of his presidency.

Ever wondered what the dark side of the Moon looks like? Several countries are now in an international race to get there first. Russia’s first moon mission in nearly five decades recently failed, but more nations are conducting expeditions soon, with India’s spacecraft set for a moon landing on Thursday. The water found in this uncharted area could be used for rocket fuel, making the Moon a connecting point between Earth and Mars. However, the U.S. fears that if China gets there first, it will claim the land for itself and make it impossible for other countries to benefit from the scientific advancements. Former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine joins the Rundown to explain why the Moon’s resources are so valuable and why competing countries must be civil and non-hostile while on the Moon.

Plus, commentary from FOX News Contributor Joe Concha.