It’s full circle for actor Kelsey Grammer. Beer and Faith. Grammer, the star of the long running sitcom “Cheers,” its spinoff “Frasier,” and the recent film “Jesus Revolution,” is living his dream of running a brewery. The result is his new microbrew, Faith American, the product of his own brewery in the Catskills he founded in 2015. He recently promoted two of four flavors of the ale at one of the most popular restaurants in the Hamptons of New York’s Long Island, 75 Main in Southampton. That’s where Lighthouse Faith podcast caught up with him. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Grammer talks about the beer, his personal faith, and the fact that he considers God as his partner in this venture to bring a renewed faith in America and a reinvigorated prosperity to a community that has lost some of its economic luster.