$700 for Maui. $113 Billion for Ukraine

Joe Biden announces a whopping 7 hundred bucks per household to Maui wildfire victims.

That’s roughly $2 million bucks total and a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what we’ve sent over to prop up Ukraine!

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The conditions in Lahaina, Maui are still horrific but don’t worry, Joe and his Bidenomics are gonna save the day.

He has vowed to send a whole 700 bucks per household to those impacted by the wildfires.

700 whole dollars, y’all. Wow.

To put that in perspective, you can steal $250 more than that, per day, in California and your offense will still be classified as a misdemeanor and treated like a parking ticket.

So if you add up the population of Lahaina, Maui, the rough total Joe is willing to allocate to these people who lost everything is about $2 million bucks.

So here’s more perspective for you. We’ve sent $113 billion to Ukraine and counting, including about $20 billion to help Ukraine pay government employees, pay out pension obligations and operate hospitals!

Is it starting to make sense now, people? The government doesn’t really care about you. They want your land, your food supply, your kids and your freedom but they don’t give a hoot about you. You are nothing to them. You are a number. A mail-in vote. A pawn. That’s it!

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