At ten years old, Cheryl Gyant learned she was adopted, thus beginning her search for answers about her biological mother. After years of asking questions about her mother’s identity, Cheryl received the shocking and devastating news that her mother was Sheri Okoro. Sheri had become one of the first victims of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, two of California’s most notorious serial killers. Although Lake and Ng took Sheri’s life, they could not take away her voice. Cheryl Gyant shares the story of how she learned the news of her mother’s tragic death and how she dedicated herself to telling Sheri Okoro’s story. Later, Cheryl discusses how her nonprofit, Shaniya Rose CDC, works to make a difference for children in the foster care community.

Inspired by her mother’s own words, Cheryl Gyant authored A Letter From Sheri, a book in which she details the life story her mother never got to tell. Cheryl is also the founder of the nonprofit, Shaniya Rose CDC, which works to provide assistance and resources for children who have been impacted by the foster care system.

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