“Rich Men North if Richmond”

REAL country and bluegrass music fans elevate a blue-collar political anthem up the charts proving, once again, we are the silent majority but getting louder!

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Are you sick and tired of politicians and bureaucrats taking you for a ride and wasting your hard-earned dollars all while looking down their noses at you?

Well then the now viral hit song “Rich Men North of Richmond” is for you.

Blue-collar Virginia native, songwriter and performer Oliver Anthony sings about all the things we the people are fed up with: high taxes, government corruption and the social and cultural rot overtaking our great nation.

The song and video has already amassed millions of views on YouTube, reached the number 1 spot on ITunes and has even caught the attention and praise of Joe Rogan.

Why? Because unlike most of the filth the music industry is churning out these days, the song hits home for millions of average, hard working Americans who love their country, but don’t recognize it anymore.

Just like Jason Aldean’s “Try that in a Small Town,” this song is more than a catchy tune, but an ANTHEM for ticked off Americans.

We are, in fact, the majority but we will be silent and timid no longer!

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