Zoom Tells Employees to Get Back to the Office!

The company best known for making “work from home” possible is telling its own employees to show up at the office!

Put on real pants, folks!

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Zoom revolutionized the “work from home” era, making it possible for workers around the world to do their jobs from about anywhere with an internet connection.

This technology made the pandemic workable for millions but also helped condition workers into getting comfortable at home and avoiding the office.

But now even Zoom is cracking down saying in a statement to its own employees that if they live near an office, they need to show up to it at least two days a week.

And guess what, good for Zoom.

I’m not against remote work, but for some it has become a crutch and a an excuse to do less, wearing less, and for too long.

Furthermore, how are young people gonna learn how to interact- in person- with other humans if they’re given the luxury of simply sitting at a computer all day?

I’m a firm believer in team-building, collaboration, and a work environment where our colleagues are forced out of PJs and into real clothes!

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