Senator Feinstein Gives Power of Attorney to her Daughter

Age is an issue of mind over matter, but when it comes to our senile political leaders, the American people mind and matters!

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Getting old isn’t fun and it takes a toll on some more than others. That’s not a crime. That’s just life. But what is unbelievably selfish and wrong is for these political leaders to cling on to their seats and their power, hoping to take both to the grave.

Take Senator Diane Feinstein, for example.

She’s 90-years-old and whether or not you agree with her politics, she’s a trailblazer and a political icon. BUT, she’s still 90-years-old and quite obviously struggles with daily tasks, let alone being one of two senators for the state of California.

But still, she clings on to her seat.

Her team insists she is just fine, dandy and able to serve the people of California and the United States, but why then has she given power of attorney to her daughter?!

Now that’s not an uncommon thing for a 90-year-old to do but it is rather uncommon for a 90-year-old to simultaneously claim she can serve her constituents but not represent herself in personal legal matters and capacities.

This is just unacceptable. And also sad that this is the way she’s going to be remembered. Her legacy is too impressive to go out like this!

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