(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

GOP political consultant Ed Rollins spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the impact on Donald Trump the indictments have had. Rollins says no one has had to carry the burden that he has to carry as the legal issues have not eroded his base, which is holding strong. Rollins does have an issue with Trump’s lawyers and would advise them to just shut up and focus on the indictments, win the battle in court and stay off TV. Rollins does not think anyone is able to beat Trump for the nomination and compares him to a lion who is cornered by a bunch of hyenas, he is going to tear them apart.

Rollins, who recently quit working for the political action committee supporting Ron DeSantis’s presidential bid also discussed why he feels the Florida Governor is not a good candidate. Rollins says while he thinks DeSantis is a good governor he is not a national politician and taking on Trump is a whole different thing. Some of the issues Rollins points to is how DeSantis can’t tap into the young people and he is unable to go to the Hamptons for fundraisers because the big donors won’t show up. Another problem Rollins points to with DeSantis is how he has spent money during the campaign. Rollins said that DeSantis has had more money than Trump or anyone else and basically overspent and then dropping a third of his staff two weeks before the start of the Iowa trip does not show sound management.