Despite no major breakthrough in the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the Biden Administration announced that it would be sending a $400 million aid package to Ukraine consisting of munitions, missiles, and drones. Meanwhile, there have been limited communications from North Korea regarding the condition of Army Private Travis King, a soldier who crossed into the country without authorization last week. White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby discusses the current state of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the ongoing diplomatic efforts to bring Private King home, as well as his takeaways from this week’s Congressional hearing on UFOs.

As the first Republican presidential debate nears, candidates are working to energize voters in an effort to make the stage on August 23rd. So far, seven candidates have met the necessary qualifications to make it to the debate stage. However, former Vice President Mike Pence has struggled to meet the necessary donor threshold. Meanwhile, although the current frontrunner has met the qualifications, whether or not former President Trump will participate in the first debate is still up in the air. FOX News Decision Desk Director Arnon Mishkin discusses the lineup listeners can expect at the debate, what candidates’ fundraising abilities say about their viability, and how the former President’s legal situation could play a role in his decision to attend the debate.