House Republicans are now floating the idea of impeaching President Joe Biden over unproven claims of financial misconduct. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy first made the comments on Tuesday at the Capitol, where he stated the committees would continue their investigations. An impeachment probe could possibly throw a wrench into the 2024 election because such an investigation could take as long or as little time as the House chooses. FOX News Sunday Anchor Shannon Bream joins the Rundown to talk about why an impeachment during every administration sets a bad precedent, explains why Hunter Biden’s plea deal was put on hold, and why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis needs to hit the campaign trail in certain states in order to boost his polling numbers.

Recently, the United States has experienced record-breaking temperatures this summer, with some cities reaching an excruciatingly high 118 degrees. Because of the high temperatures, Americans are struggling to find ways to stay cool. With an increase in heat-trapping gasses lingering in the atmosphere, many believe climate change is to blame. President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and visiting fellow at the Hoover Institute, Bjorn Lomborg, joins the Rundown to provide possible ways for cities to cool down, share why he thinks eradicating fossil fuels is completely unrealistic, and explain why combating climate change begins with innovation.

Plus, commentary by former White House and Pentagon official, Doug MacKinnon.