Could former President Donald Trump be a no-show at the first Republican Debate? FOX News Sunday host Shannon Bream returns to the Rundown to discuss the 2024 GOP primary field and if Trump, the current frontrunner, will pay a political price if he decides not to take the debate stage on August 23rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bream also discusses presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s testimony on Capitol Hill, the Hunter Biden probe and its potential impact on the presidential race, and she weighs in on the ‘Barbie’ vs. “Oppenheimer” debate.

On Thursday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. testified before Congress in a House hearing about censorship. Republican lawmakers say they believe the hearing showed censorship in action, while Democrats say RFK Jr. has been promoting antisemitic and anti-Asian theories about COVID-19. Author and 2024 Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson joins the Rundown to discuss her presidential candidacy. She breaks down the RFK Jr. appearance before Congress for a censorship hearing, her concern that the Democratic National Committee won’t let the other Democratic candidates debate President Biden, and the need for a bigger conversation about COVID-19 and restoring Americans’ trust in institutions.

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