American entrepreneur and 2024 GOP primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has been increasing in popularity ahead of the first Republican debate next month. The first-time politician is currently ranked third in the most recent FOX News poll, trailing behind the front-runner, former President Donald Trump, and the runner-up, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Ramaswamy joins the Rundown to discuss what attributes make him a top contender in the primary race, explains the contradictory statements he has made about the former president and the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, and shares why he would not be satisfied in the vice president position if the opportunity presented itself.

What is the future of America’s office buildings? In a post-pandemic world, remote and hybrid work may be agreeable for American employees, but the owners of commercial real estate are feeling the squeeze as major cities see the demand for office space significantly decline. A recent survey suggests that the changing work environment norms may cause the value of office buildings in the nation’s urban hubs to decrease by $800 billion in less than a decade. Fox Business’ Lydia Hu joins the podcast from an abandoned Manhattan office space to explain why there are so many vacancies despite many workers returning to the office, the strategies of building owners to lure people back, and what long-term impact this post-pandemic shift could have on the commercial real-estate industry.

Plus, commentary by WSJ columnist and author of “The Biden Malaise,” Kim Strassel.