Kentucky Republican Congressman and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to preview the next steps in his committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling schemes.

“This Wednesday we have the two IRS whistleblowers, one you’ve seen on Fox, the other one never has disclosed their name. Both whistleblowers will attend a hearing and testify under oath. So Republicans and Democrats can ask these credible IRS whistleblowers who have never blown the whistle on anything else, who have spotless records. One is a self-proclaimed liberal Democrat. So we’re going to be able to ask questions. And I think there’s two things that I think the American people need to understand. Number one is whether or not there were crimes committed by the Biden family. And I think I know the answer to that, but we’ll see what these credible IRS whistleblowers have to say. And two, was there a cover-up? So was there a crime and was there a cover-up? I think those are the two questions that hopefully will be answered Wednesday.”

Rep. Comer also tells Jimmy why he’s not buying the Secret Service’s inconclusive findings in the White House cocaine investigation. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!