For Scott Beck, Artificial Intelligence is a technological tool that can be used for human flourishing. For example, imagine your depressed teen searches a site asking for advice about living or dying. Then imagine that when that teen gets search results back, that teen sees a message inviting them to connect to someone for conversation or prayer. When they respond, they’re connected minutes later to a local church or pastor who can talk with them about life, and be a listening ear. This is the possible good of the algorithm-based AI technology imagined by “AI & the Church Initiative”, a new effort just launched by Beck’s company, Gloo, a technology platform dedicated to connecting the faith ecosystem. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith, Beck, founder and CEO of the Boulder, Colorado based Gloo says, “We believe there is a moral imperative to responsibly use technology to advance human flourishing. AI is a powerful technology that should better support, not replace, relationships.” With most talk in the public square about the fears associated with AI, Gloo is seeing the good.