Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has assured Americans that air travel in the United States will bounce back following a series of mass delays and cancellations over the holiday weekend. Due to pandemic-related staff shortages, airlines say they are struggling to provide enough crew to get their planes off the ground in a timely manner, if at all. Critics have highlighted that the issue stems from structural failures within the Federal Aviation Administration, with many pointing their fingers at the man in charge, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg. Secretary Buttigieg joins the Rundown to share the steps the airline industry is taking to address the system-wide problems impacting travelers, how the Inflation Reduction Act is making electric vehicles more affordable for the average consumer, and his goal to modernize the U.S. railways.

An eventful week for the Biden administration both domestically and overseas. The President traveled to Europe for the NATO summit, where world leaders promised Ukraine would eventually be granted NATO membership after the war. Meanwhile, in the States, the Secret Service closes its investigation into who brought cocaine into the White House, despite reportedly finding no evidence and providing no answers. FOX News Sunday Anchor Shannon Bream joins to break down all the major stories this week, including major membership decisions made at the NATO summit, why the FBI and other government agencies cannot communicate with social media companies due to a recent ruling, and how the Secret Service’s cocaine conclusion is leaving many Americans skeptical, as the White House is supposed to be one of the most highly secured buildings in the country.

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