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2024 GOP Presidential Candidate Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about President Biden’s foreign policy. Suarez feels the President’s foreign policy has been a total catastrophe which began with his incompetent withdrawal in Afghanistan to his inability to respond to threats in our own hemisphere, including the Cuban people protesting their government. Suarez believes President Biden’s actions have embolden Putin to go into Ukraine and Xi Jinping into thinking he can take Taiwan. China going into Taiwan is an action that Suarez says would be a massively disruptive event for our country, because 90% of advanced microchips are being produced in Taiwan. Suarez also addressed not knowing who the Uyghur Muslims were when he was asked recently and expressed his support for standing up for the Uyghurs and all who suffer human rights violations around the world.

Plus, Mayor Suarez on the financial impact for the city of Miami with Lionel Messi signing with Inter Miami and the anticipation of Messi’s home game debut at DRV PNK Stadium.

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Brian Kilmeade [00:00:00] Let’s bring a presidential candidate with a lot of with a lot of charisma. Huge upside. Miami mayor. Mayor suarez. Mayor suarez, welcome back.

Francis Suarez [00:00:10] Well, it’s great to be with you, like always.

Brian Kilmeade [00:00:12] It was always great to hear from you. I want to get to your unique way of of of getting donors and getting on that debate stage in a moment. But first things first. How would you gauge the president’s last few days over in Lithuania and then over in Helsinki, Finland?

Francis Suarez [00:00:30] You know, I think the president’s foreign policy has been a total catastrophe, a total disaster. You know, it’s not like you could say domestic policy has been any better, but his foreign policy has been the policy beginning with, you know, incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan, where we have saw people literally, you know, falling off of wings, where we had to abandon, you know, billions of dollars of military equipment, where the Afghan government collapsed shortly thereafter. Then the inability to respond to threats in our own hemisphere after the July 11th protests, which we just marked a two year anniversary in Cuba. Nothing was done. Nothing was done to help the Cuban people. And what we’ve seen is a rise of socialism in our hemisphere. So it’s been one catastrophe after another. I can’t imagine anyone to characterize that as being a statesman. I think that’s sort of laughable. You know, he’s someone that has not had a coherent hemispheric strategy, hasn’t had a coherent global strategy. And what’s happened is our enemies are emboldened. That’s let’s be clear. Right. Putin, who has a an ambition just like Xi Jinping, have their their their lifelong goals and ambitions of how they view their country are using this as the best case opportunity for them to prosecute those ambitions. That’s why I believe that Putin made the decision to go into Ukraine. That’s why I’m sure every single day Xi Jinping is thinking about how he can take Taiwan, which would be a massively disruptive event for our country, because 90% of advanced microchips are being produced in Taiwan. And that impacts a tremendous amount of the consumer goods that we use on a daily basis.

Brian Kilmeade [00:02:13] And by the way, you know all about that because you’ve made Miami. Silicon Valley has been one of your approaches to say, hey, how would you like low taxes, better weather, get added, get out of Silicon Valley. And they’ve come. That’s part of your calling card. The other thing that you point out, which is not appreciated, is we allowed that uprising and did nothing to help the Cuban people. And for those people say, well, Cuba’s not. My problem has been a problem in America for with America’s had a problem with that for it since the sixties. You’re right. And just to you know, if you’re upset about China having a spy station 90 miles from our shore, then you should have wanted America to play a role and be a beacon of hope and and maybe intelligence to allow them to stand up. Because if that Cuban government had flipped, you would not see China at our doorstep, correct?

Francis Suarez [00:03:01] Well, absolutely. And it’s not just a spy, because now they want to have a training base. Right. So they’re upping the ante on on Cuba. But it’s not just Cuba, too. Like I think Cuba is just sort of the head of the snake of a rise of socialism in our hemisphere. When you consider Mexico as a left of center government, when you consider Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, I mean, this this let me say why it matters to us. It creates immigration pressure on the U.S. people who are fleeing desperation, who are fleeing poverty. Where do you think they’re going to go? Where do you think they’re going to want to go? Like, there’s only one option. And so, you know, if we don’t engage, if we don’t start figuring out instead of sending $1,000,000,000,000 to China on a net basis,

on an annual basis, we’re having a large part of our supply chain in the hands of an increasing adversary. Right. Unless we start undoing some of that and start using those resources, by way, they’re not tax resources, our own economic resources. Right. If we use those resources in a more intelligent fashion, which is what what what China’s doing, they’re using their Belt and Road initiative, which is our our money basically to invest it in our hemisphere in Africa and in the former Soviet bloc countries to try to create more power dynamics in their favor. We’ve got to undo all that. We’ve got to do it immediately. We’ve also got to shore up our supply chain. But if we start deep powering China and using those resources to start creating relationships in our hemisphere, and what happens is we don’t have the same poverty and the same incentive for people to come to this country. And that in and of itself slows the immigration crisis that we’re seeing at our southern border.

Brian Kilmeade [00:04:41] All right. So we’re talking with Mayor Suarez. Mayor Suarez, I just want you to know what you’re up against if you do get the nomination, because we watched the president shuffling overseas, lose his temper in Helsinki, you know, got some easy questions about the future of Nieto. To be honest, I think any 12th grader who studied American history would know the reason why you stay in Naito, but. That’s fine. Yeah. At least he did a press conference, so I’m not going to be critical. But to think he overseas was strong while he missed a working dinner at Naito because he was too tired to give a speech in which he wrestled with. Listen to this. Cut 14.

Speaker 3 [00:05:15] I’d say another thing that I think the White House is delighted with people begging this kettle drum all day long. Joe Biden is senile. Joe Biden is infirm. Joe Biden has lost his mind. 7 hours. Yes. Ahead. He stands up there. He does have a press conference, went for more than an hour. He’s taking hard questions on foreign policy and bring good grades before, not like he didn’t have a tough schedule the day before. Right. Tough schedule, Tough crowd. He gets in there, does a long press conference. Not only is the contrast with what Trump did five years ago, just in general, the guy is up there handling questions on the world.

Brian Kilmeade [00:05:47] Stage and they actually got more effusive after that. Is that amazing to you that people could assess things the same way?

Francis Suarez [00:05:56] It’s amazing. I think basically saying that someone the president was in their minds. What a shock. What a surprise. This is something that is being used as a as as a sort of a a complement to the president. You know, it’s crazy. We deserve better as a country. You know, I got in I’m in New Hampshire today. I got in at 230 in the morning because of weather. I got up three in the morning. I’m grinding through the day, spending time with people in Manchester and other parts of New Hampshire. And you need to have that energy, that vitality.

Brian Kilmeade [00:06:36] Of course.

Francis Suarez [00:06:36] That articulation. And I don’t just tell people, you know, and I thank you for this opportunity to communicate with your audience. I’ll tell them it because I know we’re going to get to this real soon, is to go ahead and donate on my website. Just a dollar which is all I for Francis Suarez dot com Just donate a dollar so that I can get on the debate stage and continue to have this important conversation about the future of our country, which is what I know people want to talk about.

Brian Kilmeade [00:06:59] Mr. Mayor, you also have a very unique idea Inter Miami of the MLS has done the impossible. They’ve gotten the best player in the world to play soccer there. He’s arrived in shopping at the Publix yesterday and there’s going to be tickets to his

first game with Inter Miami. This team, which is is the bottom of the division seemed in a shambles is now acquiring great players it’ll be the number one attraction include from baseball on down to NFL training camps and what have you done is for people to get involved and have a chance to go to that game.

Francis Suarez [00:07:31] Well, I’m going to tell you what I’ve done, but I want to tell you what I’ve done to help bring Lionel Messi. You know, and I think the first thing that starts with is, is I as mayor have struck the deal to bring MLS to the city of Miami. Okay. And we did this very differently from every other sports deal in America. I think this is important because this is the kind of president that I would be. I think it’s the best negotiated sports deal in the history of our country. You know how much subsidy we gave them? Zero. Okay. We gave them $0 in subsidy. I think Buffalo gave the bills a trillion and a half to offer a billion and a half dollars. I think Tennessee gave the Titans a billion to. Nobody’s giving their team $1,000,000,000. Raiders. And there’s the Raiders and they’re getting burned our ass all over the country. We gave $0. The city’s going to make $2 billion in revenue from the deal. Okay? And we created a platform where we could attract the best player in the world from his former team, Barcelona, that was trying to get him and from Saudi that was offering him, you know, incredible amounts of money, almost $1,000,000,000. Right. So what does that mean about Miami? That means that in a global competition for the most talented person on Earth, we won the competition because we have no taxes, because we’re safe and because we do good deals. So one of the things I’m doing as part of the campaign is we want people to or we’re asking people to donate a dollar to the campaign through Venmo at Soirees 2024. And we are going to be allowing two people that that win this competition to be able to go front row seats to watch the first messy game, which I believe is July 21st. So I think it’s a really cool thing that we’re doing.

Brian Kilmeade [00:09:16] So very late. So if anyone comes in and donates a dollar plus to your campaign, they’ll be eligible to win the lotto to go to the game.

Francis Suarez [00:09:23] Yeah, and I don’t know, going to be careful what we call it, because it’s not really a lotto, but they’re eligible to to get the possibility of two front row seats to the game.

Brian Kilmeade [00:09:34] That’s that’s unbelievable. I listen I like Vivek Ramaswamy came out and said anyone who gives to my campaign or raises money, I’ll give you 10% or 20%. This is also innovative and creative too. So if you want to go to the number one attraction in the country, in the world, and sit in the front row, give a dollar to Mayor Suarez, who had a lot to do with him coming there. And also, I think it’s important to point out that Miami failed in the MLS once they were there. They were one of the original members and as we found they would in their cell. They failed. So you’re going to try to do what you know, would not many no other team has done have a successful soccer franchise built the correct way?

Francis Suarez [00:10:11] We’re doing it the correct way. MLS is being well run by Don Garber, who is the who is now the president and CEO of MLS, using a phenomenal job. I think, like you said, it’s I think the second now sport with the most average attendance of all the sports behind football. I mean, it’s doing incredible. And again, I mean, let me just re-emphasize donate a dollar Venmo at Suarez 2024 at Suarez, 2024 to enter into this giveaway. And it’s going to be something great. I know, Brian, you’re going to do it right after the show, Right? I know how much.

Brian Kilmeade [00:10:46] You want to. The thing is, I can’t do it. I get fired, though, Mr. Mayor.

Francis Suarez [00:10:49] No, I know. I know. You got a contractual prohibition. Exactly. Yeah, I know. I know that If you could, you would, because I know how badly you want to go see that game.

Brian Kilmeade [00:10:57] Well, I’ll put it this way. I’ve seen you in action. I know. I know how much this country means to you and your family. And anyone who supports you won’t regret it. That’s what I. That’s what I could say. I got to. I got to do this all see? Go through the election season. Mayor, you’re also doing something to your super PAC is touting a chance to have college tuition covered for a dollar donation.

Francis Suarez [00:11:20] Yeah. And as you know, obviously, we can’t coordinate with super PACs, so I don’t I can’t get involved in that process. But I do, you know, having seen it just like you did, I think it’s a unique and interesting idea because I think, again, as you get creative to try to get people to support you and to listen to your ideas and to give you an opportunity to get on the debate stage so you can talk more about why they’re future, why why you are the right person to guide their future. I think doing things that are positive, like giving them an opportunity to have a scholarship, giving them an opportunity to go watch, to sit front row at a message game. I mean, those are things that are real that people really care about, that they enjoy, that they can appreciate, that they can get value from. And I think that’s something that, you know, it’s interesting that that that what’s great about this requirement is that it’s making the candidates focus on everyday people. Right. We’re not just doing the high dollar dinners that no one has access to. Right. We’re actually.

Brian Kilmeade [00:12:19] Eat 40,000.

Francis Suarez [00:12:20] Every day. We’re actually going after the everyday person to just telling them, give us a dollar, give us a chance. Let us let us be able to motivate you and inspire you. And I think that’s something.

Brian Kilmeade [00:12:29] We only have 20 seconds left. But Mr. Mayor, where are the Wiggers?

Francis Suarez [00:12:35] What’s funny? It’s. It’s spelled y g y, you know, so I’ve always called it UGA, but they are a minority Muslim population in China, about a million of them in Xinjiang that are in concentration camps and are shot if they try to escape and are basically spend all day indoctrinating them. It’s very sad. I think the key to the city that is Kanter freedom. I don’t know if you know. Sure. Who has basically been fighting the NBA because they have been playing footsies with China. So many U.S. companies are and they don’t even talk about these human rights violations. By all rights violations are important across the world, not just.

Brian Kilmeade [00:13:12] Absolutely. And before you do business, it matters even if you promise to put solar panels up. John Kerry, mayor Suarez, best to look down the down the road and we’ll look forward to watch a messy play in your city.

Francis Suarez [00:13:22] You got it right. Thanks a lot.