Defense spending and support for Ukraine were the major topics of discussion for NATO leaders. Member nations refused to admit Ukraine into the alliance now that they remain at war with Russia; however, Moscow’s invasion has forced NATO to get more serious about making sure each country is spending 2 percent of its GDP on military defense. At the summit, President Biden reassured Americans that America and its Western allies will continue to support Ukraine’s military, but a few U.S. lawmakers are concerned about exactly how long that may take, questioning the established bipartisan support for Ukraine in the form of funding and weapons. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) joins to explain why he is hesitant to support Ukraine with American tax dollars and where he believes that money could be better spent. Later, Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) joins to explain why security in Europe is important for the United States and what the administration could be doing to end the war faster.

Last month, U.S. inflation eased to the slowest pace in more than two years. The Consumer Price Index climbed to a mere 3% in June, significantly lower than the 9.1% peak the country witnessed this time last year. Although it may seem as though consumers have more cash on hand as inflation falters, people are still struggling to make ends meet. Co-anchor of “The Big Money Show” on FOX Business, Taylor Riggs, joins the podcast to break down the real reason why consumers are spending more, share why some believe that the Federal Reserve’s inflation goal is unrealistic, and explain the reason why small businesses are not as optimistic as the data suggests.

Plus, commentary from FOX News Contributor Joe Concha.