Jesse Watters spoke with Brian Kilmeade about “Jesse Watters Primetime” moving to 8 PM ET starting Monday, July 17. Watters says he is incredibly grateful for the opportunity and it is just an incredible story going from the basement to hosting at 8 PM. Watters also said he still speaks to Bill O’Reilly and he has given him great advice about taking over his old timeslot at 8PM. On the continuing search for who left cocaine at the White House, Watters said it is not crazy to ask whether Hunter or Ashley Biden had the cocaine in the White House based on their history of cocaine use and rehab. Watters believes the fact they are stonewalling leads him to believe if this was a construction worker who left the cocaine, they would have been in handcuffs and since they haven’t said anything, it might be someone involved with the Biden family.

Plus, Jesse on how the time change for his show will affect his eating habits.