John Lovell, founder and CEO of the Warrior Poet Society, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about his new book, The Warrior Poet Way: A Guide to Living Free and Dying Well. Lovell, a retired war veteran and Special Operations soldier, having served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion says men need to have grit, boldness, and be a fearless leader and protector of those they love. Lovell believes men need to be both a lover and a fighter, anything less is a deficiency in masculinity. Lovell is concerned men are becoming too complacent because they enjoy too much of the excesses available. Men need to get out and live in the real world and they need to take some martial arts, do some protector stuff and get their hands dirty to help produce character and make men stronger and better warriors. It is time for men to toughen up now because Lovell says hard times are upon us and are going to get worse. When asked about a study showing that nearly 40% of students at Brown University identify as LBGTQ+ and men transitioning into women, Lovell says while he has great sympathy for those who are suffering any type of mental illness, he is firm that a man cannot possibly become a woman any more than you can become a dinosaur. Lovell added, “We do a hateful thing when we become enablers and compares this to telling someone who struggling with anorexia that they shouldn’t eat.”

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