On August 23rd, 2002, 21-year-old Michelle Knight was kidnapped, making her the first victim of Ariel Castro. She, along with Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry, was held captive in a deteriorating and dilapidated house on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. For years, the girls lived an unthinkable nightmare as Castro chained, starved, beat, and raped them. But on May 6th, 2013, everything changed. The trio made headlines across the country when they were finally rescued from Castro. Their story was dubbed the ‘miracle in Cleveland.’

Michelle, who now goes by Lily Rose Lee, discusses her time in captivity and shares the remarkable story of her rescue. Later, she explains how the experience led her to create Unleashed Animal Rescue, a shelter dedicated to providing animals with love and protection by finding them forever homes.

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