Ben & Jerry’s Goes Full Woke

Ben & Jerry’s looked at Bud Light and said, “hold my ice cream.”

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While most of you likely celebrated Independence Day with a cold, non-Budweiser beer and a hot dog, ice cream giant “Ben & Jerry’s” instead decided to shoot off a tweet condemning not only Independence Day, but the country as a whole.

According to Ben & Jerry’s, the Fourth of July isn’t fit for celebration because our country was birthed on “stolen land.”

Ah the old, “this land was stolen” bit. How original.

It’s odd though because I have yet to see Ben and Jerry’s give up even a square inch of the “stolen land” their ice cream joints cover…

Isn’t it just like Liberals to demand things they wouldn’t personally give up? Give back the land, but not our land! Defund the police, but not our security! Eliminate fossil fuels but not our private jets. Typical liberal stuff right there.

I won’t be drinking Bud Light and I won’t be eating Ben & Jerry’s either. Bet on that!

There are plenty of other ice cream brands out there that love America, I’m sure.

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