Texas Rep. Brian Harrison: Eliminating Racial Discrimination Means Eliminating All Of It

Rep. Brian Harrison, Former chief of staff for the United States Department of Health and Human Services, current Texas State Representative joined guest host Mary Walter to discuss Affirmative Action, COVID-19 mandates, and property taxes.

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Harrison said this on the legality of Affirmative Action:

“Eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it… we should eliminate government sanctioned racism anywhere it exists.”

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Mary Walter: A great show so far, but it’s going to get better because we’re being joined by Texas State Representative Brian Harrison. He’s the former chief of staff for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and is a, as I said, a current Texas state representative. Sir. Welcome to the show. Great to have you.

Brian Harrison: Hey, Mary, it’s great to be with you. And I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July.

Mary Walter: Well, you know, as a homeowner, I would say everybody says that to me. And I’m like, you know, we cleaned windows, but, you know, we know how to party.

Brian Harrison: That’s right. That’s right.

Mary Walter: Well, I hope you had a better one than we did. Let’s talk about what’s happening in Texas with the affirmative action practices. We know that the Supreme Court ruled to overturn affirmative action practices in college admissions. And you are calling on the governor, Greg Abbott, to have a ban on all race based admissions, employment contracting practices in all universities. So what more would that do versus what the Supreme Court ruled?

Brian Harrison: Well, so even here in a in God’s country and in the great state of Texas, you know, we’ve got a well-deserved reputation over the years of leading the nation in the defense of freedom and individual liberty and conservative values. But sometimes we we have found ourselves a little bit coasting on that reputation. And we have seen this cancerous, you know, d-ii policies and practices infiltrate even conservative schools here in the state of Texas. So it got so bad that the legislature had to intervene a few months ago to stop that. And thank God the Supreme Court got it right. But what we’ve learned is that Joe Biden, his administration and the left all across America, and unfortunately even including in Texas, they are not just going to sit idly by and accept the decision. They are to act. They are already actively working to undermine this decision. And I think, like Justice Roberts pointed out, in his opinion, it eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it. And given that nothing less than the future of the next generation of our nation and our state is on the line, we should do what the left does. We should eliminate government sanctioned racism anywhere it exists.

Mary Walter: You said eliminating government sanctioned racism anywhere it exists. What I find so interesting is I never thought in my lifetime that we would have the left arguing for racism, for judging people based on the color of their skin and not their ability. Did you ever think that was going to happen?

Brian Harrison: Not… not explicitly. They don’t even hide it anymore. No. You know, some of the parody headlines like, you know, The Babylon Bee, which is, of course, the parody website, so that, you know, Democrats were outraged that, you know, that racism had to be ended at taxpayer funded institutions. It’s hard to separate any more fiction from satire. And that’s why we need to continue moving. We need to, in the state of Texas right now or in special session, go ahead and through our legislature. We need to ban all of these racially discriminatory policies, not just in admissions, but also in employment and in government contracting as well. Let’s continue. Protect the individual liberty of Americans and Texans of all races. And so I hope the governor adds it to our special session agenda.

Mary Walter: I heard someone someone posted I haven’t seen Democrats this mad since Republicans freed their slaves.

Brian Harrison: Yeah, the lines the line between satire and reality is getting more blurred by the day.

Mary Walter: Now, in in response, as you said, they’re putting up a fight. They’re fighting this. So now they want to get rid of legacy admissions to colleges because they say, well, you know, places like Harvard, etc.. That’s how they keep the white man, you know, always getting in. White people always get in because of legacy. Yet I found it interesting. I went online and I looked and Howard University has legacy admissions as well.

Brian Harrison: Mm hmm. They do. They do. And they’re trying to. There’s an out of the Supreme Court that the Supreme Court itself didn’t didn’t paint themselves. And they were very clear that admissions to these government, you know, under the 14th Amendment, people’s due process would be violated if race, not in conjunction with other things, like as a part of a story about how you overcame something in your life. But just your race itself was considered a criteria for admission. And that has to stop because that is in itself a form of racial discrimination. And if we want to end racial discrimination, we should end racial discrimination in all of its forms. And that’s why I’m so excited the Supreme Court got that decision right.

Mary Walter: Well, I think it’s interesting because the president said that he wants to crack down on privilege in education practices like legacy admissions, expand privilege instead of opportunity. Right. So he wants that. He wants the Department of Education to scrutinize that. But the funny thing is, is that back in 2018, Hunter asked his dad and a number of Biden family connections to help get his daughter Maisy into the University of Pennsylvania. Apparently, she’s not exactly a scholar, and they have a 5.9% acceptance rate. So it’s one of the most exclusive schools in the country. And long story short, after meetings with with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and the president of the University of Pennsylvania, Amy Gutmann. Wow. Maisy got in. It’s interesting how now that his family has benefited, he he now wants that scrutinized. We should have that ended. I look at legacy admissions as different than based on race.

Brian Harrison: Well, and I don’t know if these are related, but I think the president of the University of Pennsylvania ended up being made an ambassador by President Biden. So it’s a very, very suspicious back pattern that I think would be well warranted for people to look into that. But again, it’s just another example of Joe Biden, his family, people connected to him the way the radical left works. They want to use the power and the instrumentation of the government for their personal benefit instead of doing what they’re supposed to be doing, which is securing our borders and protecting our God given rights and liberties.

Mary Walter: Yeah. And also, the University of Pennsylvania made over $1,000,000 in foreign funding after they launched the Biden the Penn Biden Center.

Brian Harrison: So isn’t that. Isn’t that interesting?

Mary Walter: I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. An innocent coincidence. Right. So, so I see a lot of a lot of people are very upset. Another thing that the left is very upset about on Twitter is the fact that yesterday on the 4th of July, a judge in Louisiana named Judge Terry Doughty. There was a lawsuit from the ages of Louisiana and Missouri, and they allege that the White House coerced or significantly encouraged tech companies to have to suppress free speech during the COVID 19 pandemic. We know this from emails that were were subpoenaed and made public. We know that they had meetings with Google and Matta and Twitter. And these things were were were suppressed or taken down. If you if you dared question the vaccine, if you dared question masking, if you dared question any of. The other orthodoxy of the left and has now said that this put an injunction in saying that the government and some of their their members of the government and some of their allies, they cannot talk to Google Metta or Twitter right now as long as this injunction is in place. The judge said the government actions likely violated the free speech clause, the First Amendment yet.

Brian Harrison: And I think this was a huge win for the Constitution. This is a huge win for the First Amendment. This is a huge win for limited government. And I think one of the biggest lessons out of this for the American people is to realize how much power is wielded by unelected bureaucrats in this country for the federal government to act the way our framers set it up. It was supposed to be a very high burden deal. Congress had to agree with the Senate, who had to agree with the president. But now almost all of the action is in the executive branch of government, which right now Joe Biden and the left is completely control. And so what we saw was a collusion and maybe one of the most unholy marriages of all time between big government and big tech coming together to silence free speech and to get voices that are dissenting opinions canceled and deplatformed. And, you know, quite frankly, it’s the lazy way out. Instead of persuading Americans with the merit and the strength of their arguments, which they barely even bother to pretend to make anymore, it’s far easier just to go to Twitter and Facebook and say, you know, delete this person, de-platforming that. So I’m very grateful for this injunction yesterday. And it’s also how widespread this is. We now know of this type of activity happening not just at my former agency under Joe Biden and his leadership at HHS with the FDA and CDC, but also the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, the biggest threat to our constitutional system, a divided government that nobody talks about is the out of control unelected bureaucrats in the executive branch, agencies that are both writing and enforcing federal law by women, by edict. And that’s got to change if we want to preserve our constitutional way of government here in America.

Mary Walter: I don’t think anyone disagrees with you, and I think we all see that. But they always have a workaround and no one’s ever punished. No one’s ever held to account. You know, look look at what they did to Trump and the launch of the whole Russia hoax and all of that One person, one person, Kevin Kline. Smith pled guilty. He well, he didn’t lose his law license to to altering a paper to get a FISA warrant to the FISA court, to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen. And nothing happened to him. So when the American people see that, I think it sounds great, but I just don’t have a lot of hope of I don’t know how you put that genie back in the bottle.

Brian Harrison: No, It’s like just if you’re the Democrat just in justice for me, but not for me. And if nobody ever loses their jobs. Right. We have these findings that that laid the groundwork for this injunction yesterday. But just think about I mean, the myriad of scandals we have going on right in front of our very eyes. I mean, they’ve got, you know, President Trump being indicted on 37 felony counts because of a ticket hack, National Archive document dispute. Meanwhile, we have literally White House official White House gatherings with with topless attendees. We’ve got cocaine being found in the White House library in the West Wing of the White House. We have millions of dollars in payments, either directly or indirectly, to a member of Joe Biden’s family from from hostile foreign governments. Wherever any one of those things, if they happened under a Republican president, would be the biggest scandal in the history of our country. Wall to wall cable news coverage demands for impeachment. But you don’t see any of that right now from the liberal Democrats and their accomplices in the mainstream media.

Mary Walter: No, but I also don’t see a lot of Republicans in Washington, DC doing anything about it either. It seems like the Unity Party, the Mitch McConnell’s, the Mitt Romney’s, they’re very happy, just, you know, keeping the status quo, continually losing. They keep their noses clean, they make their money and oh, well, and on they go. While the Democrats only care about power. It’s very disheartening sitting out here, as I’m sure as you now I’m sure you hear it as well, that it’s just it’s just very it’s it’s kind of sad that we feel like we’re powerless to change any of it. We all see it happening, as you said. We all see it happening, but we also don’t see anyone being held accountable. And until people start to be impeached, I don’t see any of this changing.

Brian Harrison: I just don’t know. And Americans and Texans are right to be frustrated. They’re right to be disheartened. Their right to be enraged because they feel like nobody’s representing them. Nobody’s out there taking the hard stance to fight for the principles that made America and our country great. No matter who’s in charge. They still see the the border not secure right now. Their taxes are going up. The regulations are going up. And you mentioned the term unit party. Look, I have fought the battle for conservatism in the swamp that is DC and now in the swamp that is Austin, Texas. And in far too many instances, both in the federal capital as well as in state capitals across the country. It’s just it’s not Republican or Democrat or even conservative or liberal. It’s those who have power versus those that don’t have power. And how can we use the, you know, the instrumentations of government to enrich our friends or silence and oppress and criminalize our enemies? And that has to stop. We need more people who run for office with Republican by their name to govern in the way that they campaigned on. If people just governed the way they campaigned, America and Texas, we would be in far better shape. And I understand the frustration that’s out there. We need Republicans to stand up, realize that the not just the next generation, but our national security, our economic security are quite literally on the line. And we need a new generation of elected Republicans who are bold and unafraid to take the hard, uncomfortable and controversial stands the defense of freedom and liberty, so that the next generation can be more free and prosperous than we are.

Mary Walter: Absolutely. Representative Brian Harrison, he is out of Texas. And you can find him on Twitter @brianharrison, thank you for joining me. Keep fighting the good fight in Texas. I lived there once for one year, two months and three days. You know, it was a long time ago, long time ago when I was a fish out of water. But I have many friends who have moved to your wonderful state and they love it. So thank you very much. We appreciate you.

Brian Harrison: Great to be with you, Mary. God bless you. God bless Texas. God bless America.