Shotguns Swapped out for Bean Bags in VA?!

Police in Fairfax County, Virginia will now carry THIS instead of a shotgun.

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

Democrats have been out to demonize and defund police for 3 years now but this latest tactic out of Fairfax County, Virginia is really something else.

Police in Fairfax County used to equip every police cruiser with a 12-gauge shotgun, but now officers will now have a less lethal and more feel good option, a bean-bag propelling gun.

And guess what, just in case criminals, thugs, and victimizers were to look at these bean bag guns and get the wrong idea, the words “less lethal” are stamped right on the side in bright orange!

What a “feel good” moment. Nothing says “crime deterrent” quite like a bean-bag shotgun. They will really come in handy if a pillow fight gets out of hand and officers have to step in!

I wish this was a joke, but nope, it’s the real deal. Beans bags, how cute.

Folks, our cities are getting more dangerous and Democrat leaders are working overtime to maintain the trend!

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