Pay your Own Student Debt!

The Supreme Court shoots down Biden’s unconstitutional student loan forgiveness.

We are on a roll!

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Late last week the Supreme Court ruled against Joe Biden’s unconstitutional student loan forgiveness stunt that was estimated to cost the taxpayers 400 billion bucks.

The court ruled that the president had no authority to grant such a thing without congress, in the first place. Something we all- including Nancy Pelosi- already knew.

This was always just about garnering favor with young people.

But nevertheless, it’s dead, as it should be.

Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for students who took out loans they couldn’t and can’t afford?

What kind of message does that send to young people, that someone will always pick up the tab? I don’t think so.

College is indeed too expensive but passing the buck to taxpayers does NOTHING to lower the cost of tuition and why should those of us who paid off our own loans, or didn’t go to a pricey university to begin with, be stuck paying the price?

Bravo, Supreme Court!

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