SCOTUS Shoots Down Affirmative Action!

The Supreme Court has rejected affirmative action and race-based college admission.

This means, the college admissions process will no longer be like casting for a Disney movie.

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In a huge win for equality, fairness, and true merit, The Supreme Court shot down affirmative action, ruling it violates the 14th Amendment.

Students for Fairness Admissions sued both Harvard and the University of North Carolina, alleging purposeful discrimination towards Asian American applicants. And they won.

College is way too expensive and becoming increasingly useless anyway. Maybe the way to fix it is to start prioritizing…I don’t know.. academics, education, hard work and tenacity over skin color, gender identity, and the oppression totem pole erected by Liberals for Liberals.

Maybe we can finally get back to the content of character as a home base, the way true civil rights leaders intended!

I know it might not always seem like it, but 2023 will be the year we bury woke and this decision is just another nail in the coffin!

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