Poll Shows Biden Leading Trump in Hypothetical Match-Up

The first NBCNews head-to-head match-up poll of the 2024 cycle reveals what I’ve been warning ya’ll about.

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

Folks, the GOP is in a really weird spot right now.

As Trump’s legal challenges pile up, so does his lead in Republican primary polls. He is well ahead of his closest competitor, Ron DeSantis.

HOWEVER, here is the concerning part. In the first NBC News head-to-head hypothetical presidential match-up poll of the 2024 election cycle, Biden gets support from 49% of registered voters, while Trump gets 45%.

Now this is within the margin of error, but still. With everything Biden has done to destroy this country, PLUS his family scandals, PLUS his inability to walk and talk, it is VERY troubling he still leads Trump in the polls.

That same NBC News poll also revealed an interesting twist: in the hypothetical match-up between Biden and DeSantis, the men are tied at 47% each.

I am a Trump supporter but I’m realistic enough to see the writing on the wall here.

The Democrats are BEGGING to run against Trump and that should be a big wake up call to the GOP.

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