The Gambino crime family was known as one of the most formidable crime syndicates in New York City. Producing notorious leaders such as Salvatore Gravano, Gregory DePalma, and even the ruthless John Gotti, the family seemed untouchable. When newcomer Jack Falcone arrived on the scene, he quickly gained the trust of some of the most prominent members of the family and was even invited to become a “made member.” Little did they know, Falcone was not who he seemed to be. Retired FBI Special Agent Jack Garcia shares how he cultivated the undercover identity of Jack Falcone in order to successfully infiltrate the Gambino crime family.

Throughout his 26 years with the FBI, Jack Garcia worked on over 100 undercover operations. From the mafia to drug cartels, Jack is regarded as one of the most prolific undercover agents in the bureau’s history. He currently serves as the Director of Investigations for Guardians of Rescue, a non-profit dedicated to providing help and protection to animals and owners in distress. In his book, Making Jack Falcone, Jack Garcia details what it was like to balance the life of a gangster with the life of an FBI agent.

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