Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz joins Fox Across America With guest host Paul Gleiser to explain why he believes the Department of Justice’s decision to indict former President Trump over his handling of classified documents was unjust and politically motivated.

“I believe it was an abuse of power, and it continues the pattern of weaponizing the Department of Justice and the FBI that has been so brazen under the Biden administration. You know, in the history of our nation, 230 years, we have never seen one administration trying to prosecute and put in jail their predecessor. This has never happened. This is something that banana republics do. It’s something that dictatorships do. It’s not something that America does. And when you look at this Trump indictment, it is clear, I believe, that the Biden Department of Justice is applying a double standard, that they’re applying rules to Donald Trump, that they are not willing to apply to Joe Biden, that they’re not willing to apply to Hillary Clinton, both of whom had conduct very, very similar. But for this Department of Justice, they view Biden and Hillary as on the team and they hate Donald Trump. And I think that is a terrible reason to bring an indictment. And I think a lot of Americans are concerned by the obvious double standard and the attempt to prosecute him. If you disagree with Donald Trump, beat him at the ballot box. But don’t abuse the justice system to try to go after him.”

Senator Cruz also talks about a bill he co-sponsored which is focused on protecting AM radio. To hear what else he had to say to Paul, listen to the podcast!