It’s been a busy week of indictments and allegations, and FOX News Sunday Anchor Shannon Bream is back this week to break it all down. She discusses the major legal stories making headlines, from former President Donald Trump’s indictment and how it could impact the 2024 presidential race, to the charges facing marine veteran Daniel Penny, over the death of a homeless man on a New York City subway, as he awaits his arraignment. She also gives her thoughts on new evidence facing the Biden family’s shady business dealings, the remaining Supreme Court case decisions that will likely be made sooner rather than later, and what’s been happening outside the U.S. — as China strengthens ties with Cuba to further spy on America.

Everyone hates fees. Especially costly hidden ones. That may be why President Joe Biden is taking on “junk fees” and pressuring companies like Ticketmaster and Airbnb to be more transparent about how much they’re charging customers. But how much will this move actually help Americans struggling to pay bills? FOX Business White House Correspondent Edward Lawrence joins the Rundown to discuss junk fees, and why President Biden’s fight for upfront pricing may not bring the relief from debt and inflation many families need.

Plus, commentary from comedian and FOX News contributor Tom Shillue.