Following former President Trump’s federal indictment in Florida, his fellow Republicans vying for the nomination now face a difficult balancing act of how to handle the political fallout. While some candidates in the race have echoed the former president’s sentiments that this indictment is a weaponization of the Justice Department, other rival candidates have expressed that the allegations against former President Trump are very serious and reckless for U.S. national security. Co-Anchor of “America Reports,” John Roberts, joins the podcast to discuss how other candidates in the GOP nomination race are cautiously navigating the unprecedented political situation and whether this indictment will impact voters’ choices ahead of the primaries.

After over a year of defending itself from Russia, Ukraine has recently launched its own counteroffensive, looking for vulnerabilities along the frontlines. The Ukrainian forces have made several successful attempts to retake sections of their territory that were being occupied by Russian forces, but not without a cost. Reports show that multiple Ukrainian tanks have been destroyed since the new warfront began. FOX’s Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Greg Palkot, joins the Rundown to share how Ukrainians are coping with the realities of war, why we likely will not see the main thrust of counteroffensive strategies until Ukraine implements Western artillery, and he outlines the various ways Russia has continued to attack Ukrainian civilians.

Plus, commentary from Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family.