Bret Baier On Biden Bribery Allegations: “It Does Not Make Any Sense”

Guy Benson and Bret Baier, Chief Political Anchor for Fox News discuss Sen. Chuck Grassley saying a Burisma executive who allegedly bribed President Biden and his son Hunter has 17 audio recordings of their conversations. Could this be a gigantic blockbuster bribery scandal involving the President?

Watch below:

Baier said the following:

“The whole thing actually doesn’t make sense. And the answers that President Biden has given from the beginning, from Peter Doocy asking, did you know about what your son was doing business wise? No, I didn’t have any interaction at all. And then suddenly more and more information comes out. The laptop shows there were meetings, there were other meetings. They’re now subpoenaing the other the other members of that business. And now when you ask the President something about it, he either smiles and laughs or says, Where’s the money? Find the money. Almost like. Go ahead. Try to find it. It just is a bizarre answer.”