Former President Donald Trump will appear in a Miami federal courtroom tomorrow as he faces 37 counts in a criminal indictment for ‘risking national security’ by possessing classified documents after leaving office. Many Americans are asking why Trump is facing these potential criminal consequences when similar documents have been found in the possession of President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, who were met with different responses from the government. For many Republicans, including New York Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, it seems the American justice system’s “double standard of justice” could be the culprit behind the Department of Justice’s action. On the Rundown, Rep. Malliotakis discusses why she believes government agencies may be “being weaponized against political opponents,” and why holding them accountable is crucial. She also discusses House Republicans’ plans to continue cutting excess spending in Washington, and why the US should be cautious following news that China is working with Cuba on new spying operations.

In 2022, Americans received 225 billion spam calls and texts, up 88 billion from the year prior. As technology advances, scammers are beginning to find more creative ways to gain access to users’ crucial personal information. Lately, criminals have been using artificial intelligence to mimic voices to swindle people’s family members into giving up credit card information or sometimes even large sums of money. Data security expert and the founder of Dark Box Security Systems, Andrew Sterneke, joins the podcast to discuss the warning signs people should watch out for when receiving suspicious messages, the evolution of scammers’ ability to steal sensitive information, and why A.I. technology needs to be watched closely as it is becoming harder to detect fraudsters.

Plus, commentary from senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Ian Rowe.