Arizona Republican Congressman Andy Biggs joins Fox Across America With guest host Jason Chaffetz to weigh in on the Department of Justice’s unsealed federal indictment against former President Trump, which includes 37 criminal counts related to his retention of classified documents after leaving office.

“Well, look, it’s not surprising that he had a bunch of boxes of papers, newspapers, magazine articles, memorabilia from DC. And that’s really what they’ve done. They’ve taken lots of pictures of this stuff. But I find myself saying, where are the pictures of Joe Biden’s garbage? Where’s that computer and all this stuff that Hillary Clinton actually destroyed and ordered to be destroyed because she had so much so many secret documents, thousands of thousands of documents on there. And, you know, how about Barack Obama, who also had classified documents in his person and Mike Pence? And I mean, it’s not unusual for this. But what is unusual is to indict a former president for this. And that’s what’s really historically bad, in my opinion.”

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