On Monday, House Oversight Chairman James Comer announced plans to move forward with holding FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress. The oversight committee has been investigating Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings since 2018 and subpoenaed the FBI for a copy of FD-1023, a document containing unverified tips and information regarding the case. The FBI claims they have already given Congress “extraordinary accommodation” on this intel; however, the House GOP says they refused to physically hand over the document. Host of the Jason in the House podcast, Jason Chaffetz joins the Rundown to discuss the need for this information to be made public, why he believes the Department of Justice won’t investigate their own people, and the topics featured in his new book, “The Puppeteers.”

It was nearly a year ago that the Professional Golfers Association was grappling with a big problem: a Saudi-backed fund had created a new tour called LIV Golf that was offering big money to the top golfers to join their league. As some golfers accepted big money deals to leave and join LIV, many players stuck with the PGA and cited ethical concerns about Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations and ties to the 9/11 terror attacks. PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan was very vocal, saying PGA players should resist the money for moral reasons. This week, the PGA announced it would be merging with LIV Golf. New York Times best-selling author and sports writer Ian O’Connor has been following the LIV Golf saga from the beginning, and he joins the podcast to explain the PGA Commissioner’s hypocrisy in agreeing to this merger, the furious response from the PGA players who turned down million-dollar deals, and how he envisions Saudi Arabia expanding further into the world of sports.

Plus, commentary from FOX News Contributor Joe Concha.