Three GOP candidates launch their campaigns this week, with Chris Christie announcing Tuesday night in New Hampshire and former Vice President Pence and North Dakota Governor Burgum making formal announcements on Wednesday. It was New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu who made a very different announcement this week, saying he would not be running in the 2024 GOP primary race, surprising many who believed he would join the rapidly widening field of candidates. He joins the Rundown to explain why he chose not to run for president and what role he plans to play in 2024 instead. He later breaks down why he believes former President Trump isn’t the strongest candidate for the GOP and the factors that make President Biden a weak candidate for reelection.

Robert Hanssen, the FBI’s “most damaging spy in bureau history,” died in his prison cell on Monday. Nearly two decades ago, Hanssen pleaded guilty to fifteen counts of espionage and conspiracy for serving as a Russian spy during the height of the Cold War. Over the course of his FBI career, Hanssen received $1.4 million in cash, bank funds, and diamonds for disclosing classified information to Moscow, which led to the deaths of faithful U.S. intelligence assets. Fox News contributor and former CIA station chief Daniel Hoffman joins the podcast to explain the espionage Hanssen conducted on behalf of the Soviet Union, the hunt to track down the mole within the agency, and why his spying was so detrimental to the national security of the United States.
Plus, commentary by Chuck DeVore, vice president at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.