Mike Huckabee spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the FBI documents related to President Joe Biden and his family. Huckabee feels the media is part of the cover-up willing to do anything to protect President Biden in order to keep him in office. Looking at the crowded and growing number of GOP presidential candidates, Huckabee believes as of now it will be Donald Trump vs someone yet to be determined and it is too early to say who can or can’t win. Looking at Mike Pence, Huckabee says he is in a tough spot because if he gets too much where he trashes Donald Trump, he offends the Trump supporters and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t gain those who are looking for someone to go beat up Trump. With Chris Christie, Huckabee is not sure what his lane is and feels he is just in it to go after Trump with a campaign more about revenge and retribution without a specific message. Huckabee added, Christie is just angry at Trump and is not sure that is a good motivation to launch a presidential campaign. Huckabee also discussed Donald Trump going after Kayleigh McEnany. Huckabee feels it was an inexplicable move and said Trump ought to say thank you to Kayleigh for being such a faithful part of his administration.