High School Student Banned from Graduation for “Unapproved” Gender Comments

Things are getting contentious at one Idaho High School graduation after a student was barred from walking due to “unapproved” gender comments.

I’m Tomi Lahren and wait till you hear this one.

A student at one Idaho high school was disciplined and told he could not walk in graduation due to “unapproved” comments made during his senior speech.

Apparently he went off script during his speech and said the unthinkable, “Boys are boys and girls are girls, and there’s no in between.”

He was banned from the graduation ceremony.

But in a twist, the school was forced to postpone the ceremony after students AND parents protested in the parking lot- demanding the student be allowed to walk.

The graduation did take place. The Students didn’t walk but good for those brave students and parents. If the kid had said “Black Lives Matter” or even “I hate America,” I’m gonna take a wild guess he wouldn’t have been disciplined.

You do not shed your free speech rights at the schoolhouse door, the Supreme Court tells us that.

Patriots need to relentlessly push back on woke academia until it’s carved out like a tumor.

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