Abraham Hamilton III, the General Consul and Public Policy Analyst for the American Family Association, homeschools his children. It’s not because of any recent objections, but because he says public schools were created for the purpose of evangelizing children into the church of humanism. When parents point to indoctrination by public schools today, Hamilton says the reason is far more foundational than most people understand. He says, “We did not just arrive here accidentally. It has been the product of an intentional plan using the school system, by and large as a primary mechanism to accomplish it.” On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast recorded at the National Religious Broadcasters convention (NRB) in Orlando, Hamilton unleashes a diatribe on the origins of public education. He cites former Dean of Education at Harvard University, Chester Pierce, saying, “He literally said children when they come to our schools at four or five years old, they come sick because they have this weird allegiance to a transcendent being known as God”. Secular Humanism, or Humanism, is legally considered a religion for Establishment Clause purposes. Yet it is the default faith of the public square, and public schools. According to a Loyola Law School Journal article, “Secular Humanism refers to a philosophy that ‘replaces a worship of the transcendent or supernatural deity with the deification of man and humankind.'” Hamilton has a plethora of things to say about many other issues and problems facing families today, all with the same cause: an absence of the knowledge of God.