Retired Marine Cole Lyle has experienced the same nightmares, depression, and anxiety attacks that plague many veterans after returning from serving their country. Tragically, studies show many vets who experience these debilitating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder often take their own lives.

After losing friends and battling suicidal thoughts himself, Cole Lyle, who now serves as the President of the Working Warrior Foundation, has committed himself to providing his fellow veterans with the resources and support they need to recover.

Just before this past Memorial Day, Lyle joined the Rundown’s Chris Foster to discuss the different ways Americans can take meaningful action to help veterans. He later opened up about his personal struggles and the final days he spent with his late service dog Kaya, who helped him cope with his PTSD and inspired him to create ‘Kaya’s K9s,’ which seeks to help veterans in need of veterinary assistance for service dogs. 

Due to time limitations, we could not include the entire conversation in the FOX News Rundown segment that ran this week. On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear our entire unedited interview with retired Marine Cole Lyle and his work with vets and the legacy of Kaya.