In a bipartisan 63-36 vote, the Senate passed a debt limit package, bringing an end to the ongoing stalemate on negotiations. The compromised legislation contains concessions from both parties, suspending the debt limit into 2025 while also setting new caps on discretionary spending. The deal comes just days before the country was expected to default on its debt, which some experts say would’ve yielded catastrophic economic consequences. FOX Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram explains the contents of the bill, the threats to Speaker McCarthy’s leadership, and what the bipartisan compromise means for the divided government.


House members Veronica Escobar (D-TX) and Maria Salazar (R-FL) are spearheading a new bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill this year titled the Dignity Act, with the odds against them because despite many attempts, this kind of reform has fallen short over the past several decades. FOX News Correspondent Griff Jenkins weighs in on the probability that this bill could pass both the House and the Senate.