Ways and Means Chairman, Congressman Jason Smith (R-MO) tells Brian Kilmeade the debt ceiling bill is not a perfect piece of legislation but it is a step in the right direction and he strongly disagrees with the republicans opposing it. Smith says the bill is not a blank check and points out the bill has zero tax increases, expanded work requirements for SNAP benefits and puts budget caps on spending for the next two years. Smith stressed that in his ten years in congress there has not been a budget that spends less next year that this year. Smith believes this is a better agreement than when Republicans had Trump, Ryan and McConnell in charge. Smith also disagreed with Senator Lindsey Graham’s concerns that the bill increasing defense spending at only 3.2% which is below inflation. Smith says while he understands the issue with the budget increase being below inflation, he believes they need to address the waste in the defense budget and wokeism funded in the military by the Biden Administration and prioritize our soldiers and equipment.