Affirmative action at universities and colleges across the country could be coming to an end in June if the imminent Supreme Court decision is ruled in favor of the Students for Fair Admissions group. Oral arguments were heard in October for these cases, taken up against both Harvard and the University of North Carolina, arguing that affirmative action’s race-based admissions process discriminates against Asian Americans and white applicants. Meanwhile, many recent polls show the majority of Americans think admissions should not consider race when accepting applicants to their schools. Fox News Contributor and Law Professor at George Washington University Jonathan Turley joins the Rundown to discuss the arguments in the case, the constitutionality of affirmative action, and the impact it could have on the future of race-based admissions in America.

New home sales rose for the second straight month in April, marking the most robust sales pace since March 2022, hinting that the housing market is beginning to stabilize. The U.S. median home price fell to $420,800, marking the most significant decline in the last three years. Although more people are purchasing new homes and prices are starting to fall, the housing market is still grappling with one major issue: a lack of inventory. FOX Business’ Gerri Willis joins the podcast to break down what contributed to the increase in new home sales, how sellers should go about taking advantage of the current market, and what new regions of the country buyers are being drawn to.

Plus, commentary by Founder of Pacific Hospitality Group, Tim Busch.