FOX News Correspondent Benjamin Hall is grateful to be alive, grateful to have survived a bomb blast, while still mourning the deaths of the four others traveling in the vehicle with him covering the war in Ukraine. But there is something he’s sure of: he was saved by an angel, a messenger from God. Millions of people know the harrowing story of Hall’s recovery from the attack. His book “Saved: A War Reporter’s Mission to Make it Home,” recounts the details of the attack on March 14, 2022. And while he’s talked a lot about it and his long recovery in various interviews, he’s rarely delved into the spiritual aspects of the ordeal. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Hall talks about how he truly believes that an angel saved him. That a voice and clear presence of his six-year-old daughter telling him to get out of the car, is the reason he’s alive today. Angels are God’s messengers. On a previous Lighthouse Faith podcast, scientist Dr. Hugh Ross explains how and why these angelic beings come to us and why. For Hall, he doesn’t know why he was saved. But for whatever purpose, he’s grateful.