A deal to lift the debt limit has yet to be reached as Congress continues talks with the White House. Earlier this week, Speaker McCarthy said that some progress was made amid negotiations with President Biden, who has long claimed that he would be unwilling to make concessions to lift the deal. The U.S. is now only days away from potentially defaulting on its debt, meaning the country would no longer have the cash needed in order to meet its financial obligations. FOX Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram discusses where each party stands ahead of the looming debt ceiling deadline, as well as the timeline for Congress to strike a deal.
President Joe Biden stated that the United States will support an effort to train Ukrainian fighter pilots on the F-16 aircraft during the G7 meeting last week. According to DoD officials, there is no information on where the aircraft will come from or when they will be delivered. Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Michael McCaul (TX-10) explains that this process could take months, criticizing the Biden Administration for the delay in this training and stresses how crucial it could have been in the counter-offensive that Ukraine could launch as early as the end of this month.