Extra: Miami Mayor Suarez Talks DeSantis vs Disney, Potential 2024 Bid, And Ethics Investigation

Governor Ron DeSantis made a big splash this week when he officially jumped in to the 2024 Presidential race.

However, he may not be the only Florida Republican who wants to make a bid for the White House.

Miami mayor Francis Suarez joined host Dave Anthony this week to discuss why he too is considering a run for the presidency and why he thinks he’d be a better pick than anyone in the field including the popular governor of his state.

In fact, the Republican even took a shot at DeSantis by criticizing his ongoing feud with Disney.

Suarez also weighed in on the NAACP’s recent Florida travel advisory, the ethics investigation into his work for a real estate developer, and why he thinks the Sunshine State has seen so much growth over the years.

Due to time limitations, we could not include the entire conversation in the FOX News Rundown segment that ran this week. In a FOX News Rundown Extra exclusive, you will hear our entire unedited interview with Miami mayor Francis Suarez and learn more about why he feels he could be a contender if he joined the 2024 presidential contest.