South Carolina Republican Congressman Russell Fry joins Fox Across America With guest host Paul Gleiser to explain why spending cuts must be part of any deal between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to raise the national debt ceiling.

“The American people were very wise in this last election and they said, we’re tired of the way that Washington does business. And spending was a big part of the Republican commitment to America. We’ve got to alter that trajectory. Democrats don’t want to see it. They continue to spend it. And again, we’ve seen this on,  administrations going back several decades and Republican and Democratic Congresses. But this is a fundamental problem. It’s a fundamental choice for our country. Do we want to go the way of all the other countries who have overextended themselves? There’s history. History shows us what happens. Or are we going to rein in that spending and start to get serious? I hope that we get serious. I think this fight isn’t the only fight that we’re going to have. I think you’ve got budget fights that will come up. But, you know, after the Trump tax cuts, revenues into the Treasury went up. So it isn’t a tax problem, as the Democrats want to highlight. It’s a spending problem. It always has been. And we’ve got to get serious about that from a budget standpoint. So this is just in my mind, one step toward a much larger fiscal picture. But we have to start reining that in or we’re going to look at $1 trillion interest payments in a year. I mean, that’s just obscene when you think about how much money we’re paying just on the interest.”

Rep. Fry also shares his thoughts on the politicization of the FBI. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!