Fox News Political Analyst Gianno Caldwell joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his thoughts on the NCAAP warning Black people against traveling to Florida because of some of the actions taken by the Sunshine State’s Governor, Ron DeSantis.

“The NAACP, which was once a premier organization, has literally become co-opted with the Democratic Party and become a super PAC for them. And it’s really disgusting as a Black person in America, knowing what kind of organization the NCAAP has historically been. They’ve gotten us through a lot of things like segregation and many other fights for civil rights within the Black community. And for all of those things that they’ve done that were very positive, to then turn around and say, hey, we’re going to deem Florida a state that isn’t worth traveling to and, you know, a threat to Black folks, when Black students actually in the state of Florida rank higher than the national average. You’ve got all these Black businesses, the number one state for Black businesses with employees. And there’s so many beautiful things about Florida. No taxes for the state. It has all these wonderful things and now you’re talking about it as potentially a terrorist state, as that one MSNBC guest said. It’s ridiculous, it’s asinine. And these are the kind of people who are politicizing what used to be a great organization.”

Plus, Gianno and Jimmy react to a ridiculous headline in Vanity Fair about DeSantis’ entrance into the GOP presidential primary race. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!