Who is Going to Pay the Piper?!

We know the Democrats and the FBI lied to us and yet, where are the consequences?

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Thanks to the Durham Report we know, the FBI colluded with the Hillary, Obama and Democrat operatives to lie about, and take down Trump. They worked together to screw not only Trump, but the American people out of the truth. They marred four years of his presidency, his reputation, and his legacy and yet… no one is paying the price.

And the week before that, we learned that 9 Biden family members- including a GRANDCHILD- received millions from foreign entities in what appears to be a massive pay-to-play bribery scandal likely involving Joe Biden himself. And yet, crickets on that too.

How does that happen? How can these Republicans, these special prosecutors, these whistleblowers mount so much evidence- so neatly so conclusively, so plain as day- and STILL nothing happens.

But yet, no one is in handcuffs, no one is going to jail, no one is suffering ANY repercussions at all?

And when brave whistleblowers do come forward- THEY are railroaded, for DARING to do what’s right.

Is the “D” for Democrat some kind of magic shield or what?

I don’t recognize my country, do you?!

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