(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Josh Rogin spoke to Brian Kilmeade about President Biden cutting his G-7 trip short because of debt ceiling negotiations. Rogin says the debt ceiling negotiations is all kabuki and asked why couldn’t President Biden have done these negotiations on Air Force One? Rogin also asked if President Biden is really doing the negotiations and only cut the trip short because of optics. Rogin believes the G-7 is important enough for the President to have stayed because of deal with the global threat from China and Russia in Ukraine. Rogin said China is feeling their oats and think they are powerful enough to tell us to go screw ourselves while also on a charm offensive in Europe. Rogin says China’s goal is to split Europe from the United States, which is why they sent an envoy to Kiev to meet with Zelensky. Rogin points out that the Chinese message was not peace because after the China envoy left Ukraine, the Russians bombed Kiev.